Once you have your ookyo sim & ookyo app ready,
here is how to

unlock Unlimited Internet
for your favourite apps

Helpful Tips

How do I track my delivery?

You can track your delivery anytime by logging in to our website
(Track My Order > select which Order) or app (HQ > Other Stuff > select which Order).

I signed up with my port-in number but why did you give me a different one?

This is a temporary number so you may start using our service while we get your old telco to process your request to port-in to us.
Upon successful port-in, you'll notice that there'll be no network service on your old telco SIM.
This means we have magically converted your new ookyo SIM from the temporary number to your port-in number.

When and where can I pick my Unlimited Apps?

You can do this after you've received your SIM card and ookyo service is activated.
Launch the ookyo app > go to 'HQ' > click on 'Unlimited Apps'.

Why do I need to allow VPN access to get Unlimited Internet?

VPN helps us know which apps you should enjoy unlimited internet on!
It does this by routing your phone's app traffic through the ookyo app. TIP: your in-app activities are private to you.

Does the ookyo app and VPN use a lot of battery?

The ookyo app and VPN does use battery, however, our team has done extensive tests
to ensure it is optimised for nearly all common Android smartphones.

Does topping up credit to my wallet renew my ookyo plan?

Your top up credit is ONLY used for buying add ons, or making calls & SMS.
To renew your ookyo plan, you will need to do this via the app.
Once in grace status, there’ll be a button in HQ for you to make renewal payment.


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