How ookyo works

At RM30/month for your first month, get Unlimited High-Speed Internet for 10+ apps in your Pack plus 4GB for everything else. Kaotim! Get your free SIM delivered, fire up the app and go!

How to sign up?

Click the arrows below to find out how to join ookyo


Select your Social or Entertainment All Access pack and register with your credit or debit card or online banking. You can choose to auto-renew your ookyo plan with a credit or debit card.

How to sign up?


Pick a delivery date for your SIM and we'll get back to you with the delivery time!

How to sign up?


Download the ookyo app so that you can track your SIM delivery.

If you’re transferring your number from another telco (i.e. porting in), wait for an SMS from your current company and confirm that you want to switch.

How to sign up?


Once you get your FREE SIM, pop it in your phone. Your ookyo service will activate within 24 hours from the time of SIM delivery. Then... start your transformation into a yung meme lord!

Top-To-Toe Digital

You like it online, so do we.

Absolutely App-ic

The service is activated via the ookyo app. Keep it installed, lit and running to enjoy all the benefits!

100+ More Apps

The best unlimited experience with Unlimited internet for 100+ apps starting from RM3/month. Learn more